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Dished Ends International

Quality Dished Ends, Competitive Prices.

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Servicing Dished Ends Customers since 1948

Dished Ends International is part of Australian Pressure Vessel Heads.

We have been servicing Dished Ends Customers across the world since 1948.

Years Established

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Why Dished Ends International?


We source the most cost effective materials.


Quality certified to Industry standards.


Expert staff always ready to serve you.


We deliver to any location worldwide.

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We deliver low-cost , high quality Dished Ends for most requirements. We only use certified steel for our Dished Ends. See our products below.





Flat Flanged

Dished Only


Our Core Values is what’s sets us out from the rest. We have been in the business since 1948 and are experts in Dished Ends.

Great Service

Our team has been working in this space for decades with a promise of exceptional service.

Certified Materials

We pride ourselves on quality products which is why we have helped set world records.

Competitive Prices

We deliver competitively priced Dished Ends without significantly compromising on quality.

Rapid Response

We respond quickly and ensure delivery reaches you on time with great communication.

Applications of Our Dished Ends

Marine Equipment

Oil & Gas



Review our frequently asked questions below:

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    Do you provide a Mill Test Certificate (MTC) with your products?

    Yes we provide an MTC for all products and a third party certificate if required.

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    What is your delivery time for products?
    For imported products, delivery time is 8 weeks. For locally manufactured products it is 3 weeks.
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    How are you better than other Dished Ends Manufacturers?
    Our parent company has been established since 1948, we pride ourselves on competitively priced Dished Ends with top notch service with internationally certified products.
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    How are your Dished Ends formed?
    We provide cold formed dished ends and our sister company locally manufactures hot pressed dished ends.
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    Where are you located?
    Our manufacturing facility is located in Sunshine North in  Melbourne, Australia.
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    What's the minimum plate thickness you provide?
    We provide a huge range of Dished End sizes starting with a minimum thickness of 2mm.

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95 Bunnett Street, Sunshine North, Victoria, Australia 3020

+61 427 240 339

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