Hemispherical Dished Ends

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Hemispherical Hot Pressed Code Dished Ends

A hemispherical dished end is a specific type of dished end used to manufacture storage tanks and pressure vessels. Sometimes referred to as hemispherical heads or hemispheres, these dished ends have a semi-circular curvature and are shaped like half a sphere.

Hemispherical dished end dimensions are typically defined by the radius, diameter, and curvature, crucial for its structural integrity and applications in various industries. This unique hemispherical shape provides an unvarying distribution of internal pressure, making it an ideal choice for many applications.

How Are Hemispherical Dished Ends Made?

Hemispherical dish ends are made through a hot forming process. As dished ends are made from carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloys, the material is pre-heated prior to pressing and forming.

This specific type of dished end has a curvature, allowing the pressure within the vessel to be equally distributed across its surface. Once shaped, it’s attached to a vessel, usually done through welding or other methods, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.

Hemispherical dished ends (also known as hemispherical tank head) are used to construct vessels that holds gas or liquid. Their use spans a wide variety of industries & applications including use as submarine ends and ship wave breakers.

Common applications For Hemispherical Dished Ends

The uniform stress distribution and high-pressure abilities of hemispherical dished ends make them ideal for several applications, including manufacturing pressure vessels, process vessels, and more. Depending on the purpose of the vessel and its design specifications, the exact type of dished end must be determined.

Any industry that requires the safe and reliable containment of pressurised materials may find a hemispherical dished end valuable. These include:

  • Offshore operations
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Power generation
  • Water treatment

Dished Ends International Hemispherical Dished Ends

Dished Ends International understand the critical role that dished ends play in manufacturing pressure vessels. We supply hot-pressed hemispherical dished ends and other products, made to the highest standards, with many advantages.


Partnering With You For Excellence


Industry Versatility

The strength and reliability of hemispherical dished ends are integral to the operations of many industries. Hemispherical dished ends are made to suit the specific needs of our customers, and we provide a reliable, versatile and high-performance product for a range of sectors across the globe.


Design & Engineering

We supply hemispherical dished ends with advanced design principles and precision engineering. Regardless of the application, our dished ends are dependable and provide optimal stress distribution. We work with our clients to ensure our dished ends are supplied to their specifications and needs.


Exceeding Standards

The critical role of a hemispherical dished end means that it must be manufactured to meet the most stringent of standards. Dished Ends International understand the unique requirements of each organisation and industry and guarantee that our products are made to meet—and exceed—these codes and regulations.

Dished Ends International: A Partner You Can Trust

Dished Ends International ensure all products are supplied to the highest standards and quality. In addition to our range of hemispherical and other shaped dished ends, we supply pressure vessel heads, pipe caps, and more. Our industry experience and expert team will ensure you find a solution to meet your specifications.
Regardless of the application or industry, we guarantee the superior performance of our dished ends and other products.

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