Toriconical Ends

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Toriconical Hot & Cold Pressed Ends

Toriconical ends are a type of pressure vessel end. Toriconical ends are a knuckled cone usually used for shot blast hoppers. At Dished Ends International, we supply toriconical ends to fulfil ASME, PED and GB specifications.

What Advantages Do Toriconical Ends Offer?

As a preferred type of end in many industries, the toriconical shape is a versatile solution. Toriconical heads are designed in the shape of a concentric cone, with a wide base knuckle radius.

Toriconical ends are also considered solid and efficient in their design. Its conical bottom allows it to distribute pressure evenly, which reduces the risk of breakages and failures. Additionally, this unique shape also helps direct the fluid flow around its surface, so potential turbulence is reduced.

Common Applications For Toriconical Ends

With a reputation for being versatile, durable, and efficient, toriconical ends are commonly used in many applications. Dished Ends International is proud to supply this type of end for the following industries.

  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Road transport

Determining the best type of dished end for your industry means assessing factors like pressure, temperature, contents, and application. Working with Dished Ends International ensures you’ll have the exact toriconical end for the job.

Dished Ends International Toriconical Ends

Dished Ends International is proud to partner with many industries in the supply of dished ends. As experts in our field, the dished ends and other components tick all the boxes for precision, quality, and suitability.


Partnering With You For Excellence


Application Versatility

The adaptability of toriconical ends makes them ideal for all kinds of industries and applications. Dished Ends International commits to supplying toriconical ends that are robust, efficient, and reliable. We supply them to suit your specifications, size and angles.


Precision Manufacturing

As an integral element of pressure vessels, toriconical dished ends are manufactured to code tolerances. This ensures the highest quality toriconical ends, industry leading products and a safe and reliable end to complete your pressure vessel.


Exceeding Standards

We understand the importance of using dished ends that meet industry standards. We work meticulously to ensure our toriconical ends adhere to ASME, PED and GB specifications. We can meet our customers' additional requirements for these components.

Dished Ends International For Quality Dished Ends

As industry leaders, Dished Ends International has been supplying dished ends and pressure vessel heads since our establishment. Our commitment to supply products that meet the highest standards and fit the exact needs of any application and industry is second to none.

We work with customers in all industries to supply the highest quality toriconical ends to suit their specifications.
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