Semi Ellipsoidal Butt Weld Caps

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Semi Ellipsoidal Butt Weld Caps Hot Pressed Code Dished Ends

A semi-ellipsoidal butt weld cap, commonly known as an ellipsoidal head or ellipsoid, is a specific type of dished end. The unique shape of these dished ends, which resembles a section of an ellipse, makes them an ideal fit for pressure vessels, tanks, piping systems, and other containers where structural strength and pressure containment are needed.

As various projects, applications, and industries require the unique benefits that the semi-ellipsoidal shape can offer, Dished Ends International prides itself on supplying them to the highest standards and quality

How Are Semi-Ellipsoidal Butt Weld Caps Made?

Dished Ends International supplies semi-ellipsoidal butt weld caps using hot pressing and cold pressing methods. The material is selected depending on the application, with stainless steel and other alloys commonly used. Then, the dished head blank is cut and pressed into its semi-ellipsoidal shape.

Butt weld refers to the type of welding joint used to join metal plates and pipes. The process involves joining two pieces of metal together and welding their edges. Working with precise measurements to suit our customers' requirements guarantees the perfect seal.

Popular Uses For Semi-Ellipsoidal Butt Weld Caps

With many industries and projects relying on dependable pressure containment, it’s common to find a semi-ellipsoidal butt weld cap in use. As experts in pressure vessel heads and pipe end caps, we work with our customers to manufacture these parts for various applications.

Fitting to the end of pressure vessels and other containers, you might find these ellipsoids in the following functions:

  • Storage of air, fluid, or gas
  • Vacuum tanks
  • Chemical storage
  • Water tanks

Dished Ends International Semi Ellipsoidal Butt Weld Caps

Industries, including chemical and petrochemical, offshore operations, power generation, water treatment, and hospitality, all rely on semi-ellipsoidal butt weld caps and other dished end types.

Dished Ends International have been supplying dished ends and semi-ellipsoidal butt weld caps since our establishment. As a partner in many industries, we guarantee our products are made to the highest standards, ensuring you the best performance.

Partnering With You For Excellence


Industry Versatility

As a component required in many industries, we commit to supplying semi-ellipsoidal butt weld caps that deliver high performance. With a need for strength, secure sealing, and structural integrity, we understand how vital their reliability is. Whatever the specifications or requirements, Dished Ends International works closely with our customers to achieve them.


Design & Engineering

Dished Ends International supplies semi-ellipsoidal butt weld caps with years of experience behind us. Our range is manufactured with precision engineering, ensuring they exceed our customer’s standards. We use precise measurements to provide a secure seal from our butt weld caps. The result? A superior product that resists stress and tension damage.


Exceeding Standards

Semi-ellipsoidal butt weld caps should be manufactured to the highest of standards to ensure their dependability. Dished Ends International understands the needs of each industry —as well as the specific requirements of our customers — and we supply our butt weld caps and dished ends in compliance with the relevant standards and codes.

The Perfect Solution For Your Industry

Dished Ends International supplies products with superior quality and dependable performance at the forefront. Our range includes semi-ellipsoidal butt weld caps, pipe end caps, dished ends, pressure vessel heads, and more. As an industry leader, our team has the expertise and experience to supply products that meet your requirements.

With a global delivery network encompassing Australia, New Zealand, and the wider Asia Pacific region, Dished Ends International is dedicated to helping you choose the perfect dished ends for your applications.

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